Activation 18EK/EK067/KI (Kea Island)

From 08-06-2018 8:00 - 16:00
activated by Jim 0818EK010. Mail: jim18ek010@yahoo.com 

18EK010 Jim
PO BOX: 51290
C.P 14510 , KIFISIA

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 Activation new DXCC 352EK/0

The EK DX Community Group presents a new special Activation on 11m.
The new DXCC 352 Division Kosovo will be activate by EK Member. 

Operators: 331EK111 Sebastian & 331EK331 Boris.

Date: 29-05-2018  Time: Time 10.30 to 15.00 UTC

Operators: 331EK111 Sebastian & 331EK331 Boris.

QSL Manager 18EK010 Jim
PO BOX: 51290
C.P 14510 , KIFISIA 



Radio Ghost Award 2018

List updated with results.
Certificates for ghost hunting are ready for download..

More info here

Radio Ghost  Award 2018

Information about Radio Ghost Award 2018.
The EK DX Community Group will thanks all who help and works on this nice and simple worked Event.
After the first controll I can see that over 3000 contacts on 11m are logged. This is absolut amazing Result by 154 Operators
on Startlist and a very bad Propagation. About so much QSO I need little time for control all Log.
I think at Saturday / Sunday the work is done and you can see how much Ghosts you can get .
After that time you can go on our Website and download the Radio Ghost Award.

Now I give the Ghosts Callsign open to see....
Thanks so much for your secret, work and friendship by this first mystery game.

As Ghosts works :
1. 34RC213 Paco
2. 13EK111 Toni
3. 13EK013 Jürgen
4. 26SD117 Geoff
5. 3AT282 Adriano
6. 161RC128 Kuba
7. 41AT101 Brian
8. 14SD014 Jean Claude
9. 1KW001 Luciano
10. 26LR065 Bob
11. 102QRZ11 Ali
12. 1AT485 Ricardo
13. 1KV/EK011 Pino
14. 43AT/EK101 Steven
15. 29SD010 David
16. 3AT177 Cleucio
17. 153EK101 Tu
18. 91EK343 Doni
19. 12AT060 Omar
20. 19EK666 Jeroen
21. 47PL122 Arne

21GB067 Gert not active.

Results how many Ghosts everybody works comes soon.

73s all Operators from Toni 13EK111 World Coordinator for the EK DX Community Group


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