About EK


Our Motto:
Friends stay Together.
In our group there is no president.
Everithing is decided by members.
Questioning and majority decision.

We are to be reached out.
Facebook and our Webpage.
Furthe we have a Whatsapp Chat for all Members.
To become a membership by EK DX Community Group contact here to a member or Toni EK DX by facebook.


History of EK DX Group
Founder 19EK001 Eddie and Karl 15EK001
2015/16 founder left the group an Mr. Frank assumed as a president by decision from Eddi.
In 2017 the mebers vote Frank out as president
The member want to go to a big
Community Group without President.
All decisions are voted of members.
After this restart the Echo Kilo DX
Community Group grows up more and more
Lot of the member wordwide in short time

The freindship Award an the CCP Event 2017 are a amazing success

Come and enjoy with nice operators our great Hobby Radio Calling on 11m band.

Best 73s The EK DX Community Group

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